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Biology and Comparative Physiology of Birds. Volume I by A. J. Marshall PDF

By A. J. Marshall

ISBN-10: 1483231429

ISBN-13: 9781483231426

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In several characters such as the arrangement of canals in the hypotarsus and the form of the coracoid this bird resembled the gulls and shore birds, and it is possible t h a t loons, like auks, were derived from gull-like ancestors (Storer, 1956). SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE Petrel-Penguin Stock Adaptive stage NORTHERN HEMISPHERE Cull-Auk Stock Wings used for submarine flight only STAGE C ^ Penguins Wings used for both submarine and aerial flight Diving Petrels STAGE B t Great Auk Razor-Bill Wings used for aerial flight only STAGE A Petrels Culls F I G .

Danske Videnskab. Selskabs Skrifter Naturvidenskab. Math. Afdel. [9] 1 (3): 1 0 1 - 2 2 2 . Delacour, J . , a n d Mayr, E . (1945). T h e f a m i l y A n a t i d a e . Wilson Bull. 5 7 : 3 - 5 5 . E n g e l s , W . L . (1940). Structural a d a p t a t i o n s i n thrashers (Mimidae: Genus Toxostoma) w i t h c o m m e n t s o n interspecific relationships. Univ. Calif. Pubis. Zodl. 4 2 : 3 4 1 - 4 0 0 . Fisher, H . I . (1944). T h e skulls of t h e cathartid v u l t u r e s . Condor 4 6 : 2 7 2 - 2 9 6 .

The radiation in feeding adaptations in the shore birds is remarkable. The two commonest types are the probers like the woodcock, snipe, and godwits, and the birds like the plovers and tattlers which use their bills like simple forceps. When the jugal bar and the palatines are moved forward, the bill of a tattler, such as a willet or yellow-legs, bends near its thin proximal end, raising the whole mandible. However, the proximal end of the bill of a prober Hke a dowitcher or snipe is T-shaped in cross section and therefore rigid; toward the distal end of the bill the II.

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