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Download PDF by Phillip Marcus, Doug Walsh: BioShock 2 Signature Series Guide (Bradygames Signature

By Phillip Marcus, Doug Walsh

ISBN-10: 074401123X

ISBN-13: 9780744011234

Set nearly 10 years after the occasions of the unique BioShock, the halls of Rapture once more echo with sins of the prior. alongside the Atlantic sea coast, a monster has been snatching little ladies and bringing them again to the undersea urban of Rapture. you're the first actual colossal Daddy as you go back and forth throughout the decrepit and lovely fallen urban, chasing an unseen foe looking for solutions and your personal survival.
Get within the Dive go well with! Step into the sneakers of a large Daddy and use this advisor to discover the ruins and discover the secrets and techniques of this as soon as nice underwater city. Use the data collected inside of those pages to find power-up machines, locate Little Sisters, and punish the deadliest foes in Rapture.
Equip sizeable Daddy Weaponry! Rev up your giant Daddy Drill, blast your enemies with the Rivet Gun, and lay waste to Splicers with the gigantic array of Plasmids and Tonics at your disposal.
Put Rapture s citizens to relaxation! observe the backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and bonuses for studying the darkish urban s gene splicing denizens.
Join the conflict for Rapture! Use our deep multiplayer method and maps to head face to face with different Splicers. examine the destinations of important power-ups and the place huge Daddy matches spawn so that you can smash your competition.

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Pause before entering any new area and listen for these sounds and look for a telltale red light sweeping back and forth, then draw your Hack Tool and hack the devices to bring them to your side before they spot you. Lastly, if you consult the maps in this guide you will always know where the nearest Security Bot Shutdown Panel is located—just in case you fail a hack or trip an alarm. Stay Healthy: First Aid Kits are your best friend. You can carry up to five of them at once (initially), and it only takes one to fill your health meter.

That said, the Drill is the only weapon that doesn’t feature a variety of ammunition (it consumes only one type of Drill Fuel). Similarly, the Research Camera and Hack Tool are the only devices that do not have any available upgrades. Weapons can be upgraded by stopping at a Power to the People machine and selecting one of the available upgrades. Power to the People machines are very rare and can only be used once, so choose wisely. It’s impossible to fully upgrade every weapon during a single playthrough of BioShock 2, so consider your tendencies and the upgrade strategies that follow before committing to any one upgrade.

Not only does this count as a success (and can end the hack instantly with the right tonic spliced), but it gets you a pretty nice bonus as well. Depending on what you’re hacking, you might even encounter blues zones in more than one stage of the hack, thus giving you the chance to gain multiple bonuses. Unlike the Research Camera in the original game, this is a video camera that automatically films the action on the screen once you start recording. Select the Research Camera from the Weapon Radial and point it at the enemy you wish to film (it then glows yellow), and press the Fire Weapon button to begin filming.

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