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Read e-book online B0637 Surface modification technologies IX PDF

By T. S. Sudarshan, W. Reitz, J. J. Stiglich

ISBN-10: 0873392957

ISBN-13: 9780873392952

ISBN-10: 1861250002

ISBN-13: 9781861250001

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Resulting in a range of controllable properties and combinations of properties. The films are deposited via an accelerated plasma approach. ,,3000 em") has been achieved, and further scale-up concepts are under evaluation. DLN films have been deposited with good adhesion on many types of substrates, including polymers, glass, ceramics and metals (including aluminum and stainless steel) without the need for interlayers. The inherently low stress films can be deposited without pin-holes. Films over 10 microns thick have been deposited.

F. DORFMAN:'Diamond-Like Nanocomposites (DLN),' Thin Solid Films, 212, 1992, 267-273. 4. D. R. J. E. PARMETER,M. P. SIEGALand R. L. SIMPSON:'The Thermal Stability of Diamond-Like Carbon,' Diamond and Related Materials, 4, 1995, 19~-199. 5. A. GRILL. V. PATEL,and B. S. MEYERSON:'The effect of deposition conditions on the optical and tribological properties of annealed diamondlike carbon films,' Diamond and Diamond-Like Films and Coatings, R. E. Clausing, L. L. Horton, J. C. Angus and P. , 'Plenum Press, New York, USA, 1991.

Hunn Metals and Ceramics Division; Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge, TN 37831 Abstract Ion implantation of Si or C into single crystals of 6H SiC inhibits the nucleation rate of diamond films subsequently deposited onto these substrates by the hot-filament assisted CVD process. The rate of nucleation decreases with increasing ion fluence and is completely suppressed at a fluence that produces an amorphous SiC surface. Masks have been used to produce patterns on the substrate that result in patterned diamond components.

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