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Autonomy and the self by Michael Kühler, Nadja Jelinek PDF

By Michael Kühler, Nadja Jelinek

ISBN-10: 9400747888

ISBN-13: 9789400747883

ISBN-10: 9400747896

ISBN-13: 9789400747890

This quantity addresses the complicated interaction among the stipulations of an agent's own autonomy and the structure of her self in gentle of 2 influential historical past assumptions: a libertarian thesis in accordance with which it truly is crucial for private autonomy on the way to decide on freely how one's self is formed, at the one hand, and a line of notion following particularly the seminal paintings of Harry Frankfurt Read more...


This quantity addresses the complicated interaction among the stipulations of an agent's own autonomy and the structure of itself. It comprises an instructive war of words among subjective and Read more...

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25 Contempt of biological limitations is exemplified by the old human dream of flying as well as by the old myths of Cockaigne or the Fountain of Youth. ) and can be observed even in younger children.

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