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New PDF release: Audubon Wildlife Report 1989/1990

By William J. Chandler

ISBN-10: 0120410036

ISBN-13: 9780120410033

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Given the popularity of Corps recreation facilities, and the number of states and congressional districts that would be affected, the recommended reduction is unlikely to be enacted. The number of "new starts" for water projects proposed in each budget has always been an important indicator to the Corps and to its supporters in Congress of the vitality of the public works program. The 1990 budget request proposes new starts in three categories: under "General Investigations," 31 new project surveys and 31 preconstruction engineering and design studies are listed; under "Construction, General," funds are requested to initiate construction on 10 new projects (and continuing construction on 132 others); under "Flood Control, Mississippi River and Tributaries," one new design study and one new construction start are proposed.

L. 99-662, Sec. 105[l][a]). Although studies of navigation improvements to the inland waterway system are exempted from this cost-sharing requirement, it applies to studies for all other proposed projects. This provision serves as an additional "filter" for project proposals in the planning stages, by helping to limit the number of projects under study to those for which local sponsors are willing to make a significant "front-end" financial commitment. Once federal and nonfederal funds have been committed to the feasibility study, the responsible Corps office develops a study design that includes analyses of the engineering, economic, environmental, and social aspects of potential project alternatives.

New England North Atlantic South Atlantic Ohio River North Central Lower Mississippi Valley Southwestern Missouri River North Pacific South Pacific Pacific Ocean Headquarters Oversight and Centralized Support Total Division General investigations 1,369,101 188,528 77,943 161,537 67,346 3,837 20,815 24,703 126,248 199,485 165,106 201,569 131,934 Operation and maintenance, general 113,276 — — — — — — 285,597 7,140 3,821 5,905 5,938 582 54,813 285,597 General expenses 673 5,102 5,122 7,365 7,768 9,047 — — — — — Flood control, Miss.

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