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Download e-book for kindle: Aristotle's Theory of the Will by Anthony Kenny

By Anthony Kenny

ISBN-10: 0300023952

ISBN-13: 9780300023954

Voluntariness & Involuntariness
Purposive Choice
Practical Reasoning
Index of Aristotelian Passages
Index of recent Authors
Index of topics

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Or, if they fail, by trying the following .... If any of these succeed return a FAIL. If they fail try next to show that the object has property x or y by referrring to all assertions mentioning these properties or all procedures having these properties as a consequent. Such an imperative or procedural representation is able to state a specific order in which to tryout tests, to recommend heuristic short-cut procedures, to specify procedures in terms of goals, and to suggest sections of the data base in which to search.

He can reject images as unsuitable and wait for new ones, but this censoring operation is about all that is available for personal thought control. How this censoring is accomplished is as yet, unknown. It is also apparent that the thinking consists of a sequence of images. A sequence of words never solved a problem - the word sequence describes a problem solution, assuming there is one; the actual solution may be the sequence of images which terminates with the matching of a need-fulfillment with its representation in imagery.

Just to test the limits of this kind of function I asked some college girls to try to extend their capacities for serial recall. Starting with 5 subjects I had no problem with lists of 30 and 40 words. Then my problems 40 B. R. BUGELSKI started - the girls felt that the exercise was of no value to them, it had no interest - they were satisfied that they could go on more or less indefinitely but saw no point to it - neither did I, really, but I kept at it with one subject who reluctantly continued and could recite 80 words in succession without an error after one hearing.

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