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Aristotle on Truth - download pdf or read online

By Paolo Crivelli

ISBN-10: 052103647X

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Aristotle's thought of fact spans a number of components of philosophy: philosophy of language, common sense, ontology, and epistemology. Paolo Crivelli covers the most facets of Aristotle's perspectives on fact and falsehood during this quantity via reading intimately the appropriate passages and addressing famous difficulties of Aristotelian semantics. even if Crivelli assesses Aristotle's thought from the perspective of contemporary analytic philosophy, his publication might be of curiosity to quite a lot of scholars of historic philosophy and smooth philosophy of language as well.

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Before presenting this argument from Bivalence to Determinism, let me give a taste of it by displaying its most characteristic moves. Consider the state of affairs of your opening this book, and let t0 be the time when you first opened this book today. The state of affairs of your opening this book was therefore true at t0 . e. the time yesterday exactly 24 hours before when you first opened this book today. Consider an assertion that is an utterance of ‘In 24 hours you will open this book’. Since Bivalence holds (by assumption), at t1 this assertion was either true or false.

The Liar. The only passage where Aristotle seems to discuss the Liar is within chapter 25 of Sophistici Elenchi (180a 34–180b 7). This passage is obscure: it is not even clear whether it addresses the Liar, and, in case it does, how it reacts to the puzzle. Although these questions cannot be answered beyond doubt, a case can be made for claiming, first, that the passage in question does address the Liar, and, second, that it attempts to solve the Liar by assuming that someone uttering ‘I am speaking falsely’ (or whatever sentence-type the Liar turns on) is neither speaking truly nor speaking falsely.

24 Introduction The condition introduced by the correspondence-as-isomorphism conception is met a second time by Aristotle’s theory of truth, at a more specific level: in the definition of truth and falsehood for beliefs and assertions that concern composite objects. Each belief, or assertion, concerning a composite object is then regarded as being about two objects: those of which the composite object it concerns is composed. For the sake of simplicity, I concentrate on predicative beliefs and assertions.

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