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Al Capone and His American Boys: Memoirs of a Mobster's Wife by William J. Helmer PDF

By William J. Helmer

ISBN-10: 0253356067

ISBN-13: 9780253356062

While her husband used to be murdered at the orders of Chicago mobster Frank Nitti, Georgette Winkeler—wife of 1 of Al Capone's "American Boys"—set out to reveal the Chicago Syndicate. After an try to submit her tale used to be squelched by way of the mob, she provided it to the FBI within the fallacious trust they had the authority to strike on the racketeers who had killed her husband Gus. came upon 60 years later in FBI records, the manuscript describes the couple's existence at the run, the St. Valentine's Day bloodbath (Gus used to be one of many shooters), and different headline crimes of that interval. ready for book via mob professional William J. Helmer, Al Capone and His American Boys is a compelling modern account of the heyday of Chicago crime through a lady who came across herself married to the mob.

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16 a l c a pon e a n d h is a m e r ic a n boys He explained that a gangster named “Sticky” Hennessey had aided some others in holding up a bank in Illinois, and had left his share of the loot with his sister Irene, who lived at our house. The satchel containing the money proved to be missing. Gus judged someone who knew of it had stolen it. But Egan’s Rats had a different opinion. They believed that since Gus knew where the money was, and had not been a member of the bandit party, that he had taken the satchel.

Every one of them was wanted for some crime or other, so all were on the alert. When a strange car drove into the grove someone peeped through a crack in the blind then warned: “Fade, gang. ” The party scattered like chaff before the wind. Some dashed through doors. Gus, Lou McConroy, and Fred Burke went out through the window and started through the undergrowth with Burke leading the way. Up to this time Fred Burke had not distinguished himself as a criminal, although he claimed to be one of the last official members of Egan’s Rats.

Gus Winkeler 1 T h e Se v en t h Ch i l d From the adjoining room came the smart slap of a hand on bare flesh, followed by a smothered, quavering wail which steadied and grew in volume. The waiting man smiled in satisfaction. Judging from the experience of six previous similar occasions the child was normal. The doctor came out of the room, his coat under his arm, rolling down his sleeves as he advanced. “Boy,” he said briefly. Ben Winkeler rubbed his hands. Fine. He’d call him August Henry, an old name in the family.

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