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Download PDF by J. M. Bruce: Aircraft Profile No. 21: The Bristol Fighter

By J. M. Bruce

12 pages together with covers, uncomplicated and particular details at the aircraft and its provider with bw and colour illustrations

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Accommodation and Economy in its Provision VII. Conversion of Existing Buildings for Working-Class Occupation VIII. Communal Services IX. Economy in Construction X. Supply of Building Materials and Labour XL Organization XII. Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations Its structure is simple. Each Part is divided into numbered paragraphs, the numbers running continuously from 1 to 352. In addition, there are three Appendices: A gives a list of witnesses examined, B an estimate of the total quantity of materials required to build 300,000 standard 'cottages' and C an outline specification for all the materials and trades involved in building them.

In turn recommendations may be translated into guidelines, design principles or standards to facilitate the designer's task. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, and it is undeniably useful. However, once turned into that epitome of certainty, a standard or guideline, the rationale, the reasoning and the careful qualifications tend to get lost. At that stage it may not even be clear whether the standard or recommendation is authoritative, or whether it is based on research or supposition (DOE, 1976).

In 1944, the end of World War II, the immensity of the problems to be faced with the return of peace was, once again, realized and the Housing Manual (1944), with its Technical Appendices (1944), appeared. Their structure was similar, dealing with the site, the house plan, its services and its construction. This time the problems of procuring labour and materials and detailed costings were excluded, and handled by different government machinery. For the first time flats are discussed. The number of illustrations (102) was vastly increased.

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Aircraft Profile No. 21: The Bristol Fighter by J. M. Bruce

by Anthony

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