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Alain Badiou's Ahmed the Philosopher: Thirty-Four Short Plays for Children PDF

By Alain Badiou

ISBN-10: 0231166931

ISBN-13: 9780231166935

English-speaking readers may be shocked to profit that Alain Badiou writes fiction and performs with his philosophical works and they are only as very important to realizing his better highbrow venture. In Ahmed the thinker, Badiou's such a lot unique and available play, translated into English the following for the 1st time, readers are brought to Badiou's philosophy via a theatrical travel de strength that has met with a lot good fortune in France.

Ahmed the thinker provides its comedian hero, the "treacherous servant" Ahmed, as a seductively trenchant thinker whilst it casts philosophy itself as a comic book functionality. The comedy unfolds as a chain of classes, with every one "short play" or cartoon illuminating a unique Badiousian suggestion. but Ahmed does greater than illustrate philosophical abstractions; he embodies and vivifies the theatrical and performative features of philosophy, mobilizing a comic book power that exposes the vacancy and pomp of the area. via his instance, the viewers is moved to a residing engagement with philosophy, researching in it the facility to damage throughout the limits of way of life.

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One is in a better position with regard to some historical fact if one does some research than if one merely lets one’s imagination take the lead. It’s better to have a proof for a mathematical formula than to have it supported by the say-so of a Magic 8 ball. These better and worse reasons are surely sorted by us as a community of inquirers, but they are sorted as they are not because of the arbitrary norms of our society, but because we recognize some are better than others. If we fail to respect that when we do (or refuse to do) epistemology, we fail to take these cases of knowledge as being cases of knowing something, as opposed to having one’s friends let one get away with saying something or having a convenient commitment run one’s life.

Robert Brandom has termed the public exchange of reasons in light of the fact of presumption, ‘the default and challenge structure of entitlement’ (1994: 204). The basic outline for the default element of the structure of entitlement is that beliefs held on the basis of what are generally considered reliable sources, or in line with shared values, are held presumptively. They have default status. However, because presumptions may be held only in an absence of objections, one may dislodge a group’s default commitments by challenging them.

On the one hand, if S believes p, S holds that p is true, and truths aggregate by the conjunction ‘and’. From the first person perspective of belief, beliefs are transparent – if S holds to the belief that p, S simply holds that p is true. For example, if someone asks you what you believe is in your bedroom right now, you don’t think about what you believe, you just think about what’s in your bedroom. On the other hand, we realize, especially with others, just because some S believes that p, it does not follow that p is true.

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