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Frederick I. Ordway III's Advances in Space Science. Volume 2 PDF

By Frederick I. Ordway III

ISBN-10: 1483199606

ISBN-13: 9781483199603

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It is tempting to consider the use of a detector utilizing this principle for research in rockets. We note first from Fig. 19 that the Cerenkov light asymptotically approaches maximum for particles having kinetic IN OUT O-^ ο RESET GNO F I G . 18a. S c h e m a t i c diagram for a transistorized bistable m u l t i v i b r a t o r . T h e m a x i m u m frequency for this d e v i c e is 100 kc. T h e response t i m e can b e i m p r o v e d b y v a r y i n g the characteristic t i m e c o n s t a n t s .

25% output variation for the input varying between 16 and 21 volts. Shown in Fig. 18 is a 100 kc bistable multivibrator commonly used for pulse equipment. The encapsulation is shown in Fig. 18b and described in Section VIII. The response time of multivibrators varies with the quiescent current drain. If minimal drain is required, the speed is compromised as the coupling network time constants set the quiescent current. It is most economical to grade the response of a scaler, using high speed multivibrators only at the detector end and reducing the counter speed towards the output.

For a solar cell configuration which is symmetrically bunched about the spin axis, the lowest ripple frequency present will be the nth harmonic of the spin rate, where η is number of groups. If a uniaxial asymmetry EXPERIMENTAL P H Y S I C S USING SPACE VEHICLES 25 appears in the electrical geometry of the cells, the fundamental (spin rate) frequency will be present. Because of this effect, careful shielding of all leads is required. Closely pitched twisted leads or coaxial cable can serve to isolate the time-variant Β field.

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Advances in Space Science. Volume 2 by Frederick I. Ordway III

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