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E M Eppel's Adolescents and Morality PDF

By E M Eppel

ISBN-10: 0203000447

ISBN-13: 9780203000441

ISBN-10: 041517659X

ISBN-13: 9780415176590

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He is about 56 and owns a chain of stores which spread all over the country. He dresses well in all the posh clothes. At night he goes to dances. With all the other rich men at weekends he goes golfing, bowling. ) â I would like to be a film star with pots full of money. Have fuss and luxuries galore. ) â Sometimes I wish I was a millionaire, with a big house in the country or somewhere out of the crowds. I would use my money to build up my house so that I could have loads of parties. ) It is perhaps surprising that so small a proportion ( per cent) give evidence of embracing predominantly materialistic values, given the images of â successâ purveyed by the popular press and the pressures of commercial advertising.

Kind and considerateâ ¦. ) â The person whom I would like to be is imaginary of courseâ ¦ he has a very independent personality. A responsible person, < previous page page_150 next page >  < previous page page_151 next page > 47 48 Page 151 honest without a doubt, and frank in his ways. ) â I would like the courage to be able to leave the rut I am in at the moment. I think I am beginning to break out already. I think it would do me good to get away from home and the Welfare State for a while.

Among the personality qualities most admired in friends, and in others, especially by the girls are vivacity, enthusiasm, and a capacity for good personal relationships. 33 34 2. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS There are many indications throughout this research that these young people are deeply interested in personal relationships. This has already been illustrated in the discussion of the choice of friends and family members as models. Further light is shed on this by a consideration of the sex of the models, and the incidental comments on relationships between the sexes and on the question of marriage.

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