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Download PDF by A. Voltolini: A Syncretistic Theory of Depiction

By A. Voltolini

ISBN-10: 1137263296

ISBN-13: 9781137263292

ISBN-10: 1349442496

ISBN-13: 9781349442492

What's depiction? a brand new resolution is given to this venerable query by means of offering a syncretistic idea of depiction that attempts to mix the advantages of the former theories at the topic whereas shedding their defects. hence, not just perceptual, but additionally either traditional and causal elements give a contribution in making whatever an image of whatever else.

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45 Yet, Kulvicki notes, this is not the case with the system of amorphous puzzles. The second reassemblage of the first reassemblage of pieces shares neither the syntax nor the subject, if any, with the latter. 46 But in what way are two syntactically identical representations, within a pictorial system, also identical semantically? Certainly not in relation to their aboutness. To take an extreme case, let us consider the photos of two indistinguishable twins. Definitely, their intentionality is different: the first is a photo of the first twin, the second is a photo of the Semiotic Theories of Depiction 39 second twin.

For what has left its trace in my representational device is the pidgeon, not my partner. ); that is to say, only if both transparent and opaque pictures are simply species of pictures as a whole. Although this claim is contestable,8 I (along with others)9 find it to be correct, due to the reason I will immediately provide below. I therefore believe it is up to a semiotician to provide an answer to this problem. First of all, however, let me explain why I think that there is no principled distinction between transparent and opaque pictures.

For, as Goodman claims,15 not even the figurativity of a picture can be read off from the picture itself. I will deal with the criticisms against the objective resemblance theory in the next chapter, for here I wish to focus instead on the positive proposal the semiotician puts forward as to the figurativity of a picture. Hence the main second claim of a semiotic approach to depiction, which can be cashed out in two main subclaims, according to the formulation originally proposed by Goodman. First, a representation is pictorial insofar as it is considered to belong to a particular kind of symbolic system.

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