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Read e-book online A Love of UIQ PDF

By Félix Guattari

ISBN-10: 193756195X

ISBN-13: 9781937561956

All through a wide a part of the Eighties, Félix Guattari, recognized for his collaborations with Gilles Deleuze and his experimental and groundbreaking practices in psychotherapy, comes to a decision to shift his experimental paintings right into a assorted medium of creative and artistic idea perform: the realm of technological know-how fiction. half self-analysis, half cinematic expression of his theoretical paintings, Guattari's screenplay merges his theoretical thoughts together with his ardour for comedian books, loose radio hobbies, and movie. So starts Guattari's trip to jot down a screenplay in which a bunch of squatters makes touch with an excellent intelligence coming from the infinitely small Universe of the Infra-quark (UIQ). Guattari labored feverishly on his movie, trying to safe the cheap, touring to Hollywood, and enlisting assistance from American screenwriter Robert Kramer. however the movie might by no means see the sunshine of day. throughout the very important archival paintings of artists, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson, Guattari's script is now released the following, for the 1st time in English.

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One man says, he has a thing made on purpose to tell him what is right and what is wrong; and that it is called a moral sense: and then he goes to work at his ease, and says, such a thing is right, and such a thing is wrong – why? ’ 2. Another man comes and alters the phrase: leaving out moral, and putting in common, in the room of it. He then tells you, that his common sense teaches him what is right and wrong, as surely as the other’s moral sense did: meaning by common sense, a sense of some kind or other, which, he says, is possessed by all mankind: the sense of those, whose sense is not the same as the author’s, being struck out of the account as not worth taking.

Of the value of each pain which appears to be produced by it after the first. This constitutes the fecundity of the first pain, and the impurity of the first pleasure. 5. Sum up all the values of all the pleasures on the one side, and those of all the pains on the other. The balance, if it be on the side of pleasure, will give the good tendency of the act upon the whole, with respect to the interests of that individual person; if on the side of pain, the bad tendency of it upon the whole. 6. Take an account of the number of persons whose interests appear to be concerned; and repeat the above process with respect to each.

The same process is alike applicable to pleasure and pain, in whatever shape they appear: and by whatever denomination they are distinguished: to pleasure, whether it be called good (which is properly the cause or instrument of pleasure) or profit (which is distant pleasure, or the cause or instrument of distant pleasure,) or convenience, or advantage, benefit, emolument, happiness, and so forth: to pain, whether it be called evil, (which corresponds to good ) or mischief, or inconvenience, or disadvantage, or loss, or unhappiness, and so forth.

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