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Read e-book online A History of the Jews PDF

By Paul Johnson

ISBN-10: 0061828092

ISBN-13: 9780061828096

A countrywide bestseller, this magnificent 4000 yr survey covers not just Jewish background yet he influence of Jewish genius and mind's eye at the international. by way of the writer of Modern occasions: the area From the Twenties to the Eighties.

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D. Cohen also uses this quote as an epigraph (The Beginnings of Jewishness: Boundaries, Varieties, Uncertainties [Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2000], 140). Schalet (the German form of cholent) is a dish associated with Jews and the Sabbath. On this dish, see Kaplan, Making of the Jewish Middle Class, 72–73. 35 36 FOOD AND IDENTITY IN EARLY RABBINIC JUDAISM Second, the status of a food is correlated to the status of its preparer. The status and practices of the cook in the tannaitic kitchen therefore become vital for establishing and preserving the identity of the person eating his or her meal.

This text serves as an excellent exemplar of the other components of the diet of those who both authored and lived in the time and location depicted in the tannaitic corpus. First, oil (specifically, olive oil) and, to a lesser extent, other fruits complemented the daily diet of bread. 15 In addition, 11 12 13 14 15 For a detailed comparison between the diets of the wealthy and the poor, see Hamel, Poverty and Charity, 31–52. In general, see Peter Garnsey, Famine and Food Supply in the Graeco–Roman World: Responses to Risk and Crisis (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988); and Food and Society in Classical Antiquity (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1999), especially pp.

Baking bread, as is the case with most culinary items in antiquity, employs one of two techniques: “first, baking directly in the hot ashes or fire, and second, baking in an enclosed heated container” (Anthony Cubberley, “Bread-Baking in Ancient Italy: Clibanus and Sub Testu in the Roman World: Further Thoughts,” in Food and Antiquity, ed. John Wilkins, David Harvey, and Mike Dobson, 55–68 [Exeter, UK: University of Exeter Press, 1996], 56). On baking bread in rabbinic literature in general, see Krauss, Talmudische Arch¨aologie, 1:101–102.

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