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Download PDF by William Arkle: A Geography of Consciousness

By William Arkle

ISBN-10: 0854354816

ISBN-13: 9780854354818

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This means that the individual is identified with a strata of attitudes and qualities which express the idealism of the Ideal and Divine levels of consciousness as a compromise with physical world requirements and habits of thought as they appear to the everyday experience of the Personality. It might be said that the attitudes of the Soul represent the Quality of the Absolute expressed in terms of physical level experience, so that they lose something of their innermost meaning while gaining ease of application to physical situations.

This is a transforming and communicating set of bodies which are a combination of the physical body and the Absolute consciousness of the individual identified with the physical body. ) These lower order bodies can be called the lower emotional and lower mental bodies for the sake of convenience, but too much importance must not be attached to any of these labels, for one must expect them to be found to be incorrect in practical detail. Figure 2 is an indication of the Soul complex which is made up of the middle frequency bodies of communication.

This is the stage that we are at and with which our science of psychology is dealing. The levels of the self associated with here are mainly those loosely called the personality, which are created by our tendency to be identified with our physical response systems. There is also here some consciousness of a higher order which is called the Soul consciousness and which creates a sensation in us of being a very different self to the one of which we are normally aware. However, this is not the end of the process as has already been indicated, and we must later move through an experience of greater certainty about the Soul level of consciousenss and from that much more evolved state begin to sense the Absolute identity which is the final and complete experience as far as the evolutionary track is concerned.

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