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Download PDF by Progress Publishers: A Dictionary for Believers and Nonbelievers

By Progress Publishers

ISBN-10: 5010004550

ISBN-13: 9785010004552

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There arc grounds for the assumption that the word "Ar- 32 ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH mageddon" is a distorted version of the Hebrew words that can be trans­ lated literally as "mountain district of Megiddo" (in North Palestine) where in ancient times many de­ cisive battles took place, as a result of the geographical setting of this area. gainst the forces of Satan, in the aftermath of which the whole of mankind except the Jehovah's Witnesses will perish. ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH, one of the most ancient Christian churches.

The materia­ list philosophers of the 17th and 18th centuries. Pie"e Bayle in his "Dictionnaire historique et critique" (Historical and Critical Dictionary) praised the atheist views of the ma­ terialists from the classical world. The French materialists of the 18th century stressed the outstanding role of their predecessors and contempo­ raries in the formation of atheist concepts. Modern clerical historio. graphy · falsifies and distorts the his­ tory of atheism, attempting to re­ duce it to the history of a political struggle.

ARCHONTICS adopted at later Oecumenical Councils, after the first seven. The Protestant Church regards only the Holy Scriptures as the fruit of di­ vine revelation, seeing the Apos­ tolic Tradition merely as the fruit of human activity. An Apostolic Tradi­ tion is to be found in other reli­ gions as well, in Islam, for example, the . Sunna is held by legend to be the same. APSARASES � in Vedic or Hindu mythology female spirits of the clouds and waters, dwelling mainly in the heavens but on earth as well.

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